Paris Fashion Week: Dries Van Noten

By Siobhán Duncan

The spring runways are always filled with prints, but Belgian designer Dries Van Noten’s collection stood out amongst the endless florals of this spring. It continues the trend of photo-real prints in an interesting and inspired way, and there is a clear story through the progression of looks.

The initial mix of nature prints seem to recall landscape paintings of Romanticism rendered in black and white. These begin to combine with more unexpected foliage prints: ferns, branches, and contrasting florals, and are incorporated in an increasingly abstract manner–a stripe of one print here, a patch of another there.

The prints continue into night cityscapes, which I found to be an ingenious delineation. The movement from the organic to the inorganic, of old views of nature to the city lights of modern civilization, not only tell an interesting story but also make beautiful, wearable designs.

While these inspired prints were what initially stood out to me, the shapes of Van Noten’s pieces were undeniably elegant. The silhouettes denoted midcentury influences with peplums, crisp collared shirts and pencil skirts, sophisticated dresses, and sharp jackets and boleros. These elements put together made for one of my favorite Paris shows!

How did you like this runway show? See the entire collection at

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