Milan Fashion Week: Gucci

By Jamie Ducharme

I have to confess: I’ve never been a big fan of Gucci. Yes, they may be one of the world’s premiere luxury brands, but something about their aesthetic has never mixed well with my taste. Still, while scrolling through various Fashion Week slideshows online, I decided, somewhat impulsively, to check out Gucci’s Spring 2012 RTW collection, not really expecting to like what I saw.

Surprisingly though, Gucci’s show immediately skyrocketed to the top of my favorites. The collection has a little bit of everything; colorblocking (my current obsession), metallics, androgynous silhouettes (always chic), 20’s-inspired flapper dresses, and graphic patterns all shared the runway. Each of these elements were linked together by gorgeous execution and a level of edgy sophistication that, in my opinion, has not been achieved elsewhere in Milan.

Overall, dresses were definitely my favorite part of the collection. Each one presented a new dimension to the collection’s “urban warrior” feel, introducing fresh cuts, fabrics, and styles that I would kill to get my hands on. They ran the gamut from minimalist chic to virtually unwearable (case in point: one featured a peacock tail), but they would all make a fantastic statement.

Want to see more? The entire collection can be found at

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