Milan E-board Pick: Fendi

By Brooke Kamenoff

While in the past I’ve never been particularly drawn to Fendi, something about this season’s collection caught my eye. Not only did it incorporate menswear-inspired accents that I love, but there was also an air of sophistication to the looks.

Much of the collection also seemed to have somewhat of an academic feel to it. According to, Rita Levi-Montalcini, a Nobel Prize winning neurologist, was the inspiration for the Spring 2012 Fendi collection. On top of that, the models’ hairstyles paid homage to the unkempt, signature look of Albert Einstein’s hair. Fashion mixed with science? It’s an unlikely duo, but one that definitely piqued my interest and will hopefully be translated again by other designers in the near future.

How did you like this runway show? See the entire collection at

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