New York Fashion Week

By Emily Plourde

New York Fashion Week. A week-long extravaganza that I’ve longed to attend from the moment I knew what it was. This past week I got my first taste. I was fortunate enough to obtain tickets for two shows, Ruffian and Pink Tartan.

Accompanied by one of my greatest and fashion-forward friends, Kyle, we approached Lincoln Center with great excitement (and an nagging need for coffee). I don’t think Starbucks knew what hit it, with so many fabulous outfits inside demanding their skinny lattes.

Fashion was pumping out of the fountain at Lincoln Center. As people rushed in, bloggers and reporters darted everywhere attempting to photograph the edgiest and most glamorous outfits. It was actually quite comical at times.

Once entering the doors to the actual events, things seemed to be a bit calmer. There were booths set up for L’Oreal and Maybelline, a cute little café to grab a bite and free waters/energy drinks scattered about. We were told by a svelte manager (who we admiringly named Brad) that they were not quite ready to seat for our show yet. That was quite all right; we had plenty of people watching to do.

After being escorted to our seats for the Ruffian show, we sat in awe. There were so many photographers in the press box at the end of the runway and lots of beautiful people mingling about. It was a lot to take in.

The show started off with the pumping beat of house music and models appearing perfectly on beat. The models were styled with slicked back hair formed into a thick braid, much like a horse. Overall themes I saw were satin-like fabrics and pop-color of bright yellow, brilliant blue, fuchsia, and Kelly green. There were also diagonal break-ups of color, especially on swimsuits and tops, and some horizontal stripes here and there. Structure and tailoring, but not a lot of loose fitting items, remained true throughout. The collection held thirty looks of bright colors and clean lines.

Next was the Pink Tartan show. This format was a bit different from your typical runway. There was a diamond-shaped platform in the middle of the room, lit from underneath and with no chairs, just standing room all around. It was called a presentation.

Full 70’s vibe was in the air with windblown loosely curled flowing hair. Music that reminded me of sipping an espresso at an outdoor café in France ran through the speakers. Pops of bright orange and blue held a theme across most pieces. Blacks and whites were also very strong with some polka dots mixed in. Corset belts, buckling in the back and big cat-eye glasses (which I am dying for) were the main accessories. Sexy, chic, and retro are the three words I’d choose to describe this spring collection and I’m in love with it. I can’t wait to incorporate some pieces into my own closet!

My favorite piece!

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