Fashion’s Night Out

By Emily Plourde
Photos: Bianca Gracie

After multiple ensemble changes and searches through my closet for something acceptable to wear to such an exciting event, I was off to Newbury Street for Fashion’s Night Out, Boston style.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a pop up fashion show in front of Stephanie’s. Gorgeous models in platform heels and “going out” outfits as I like to call them were weaving their way through the diners. An MC spoke mainly about the models’ hairstyles and a swanky DJ set the mood.

Soon after, I met up with Bianca (our president) and Brooke (secretary) along with a few friends to further our journey down the officially closed Newbury Street.

We started off at Betsey Johnson, who offered us $100 off all evening dresses and a chance to put our name in for a handbag raffle …which I didn’t win. We popped into a Alice in Wonderland-themed Ted Baker where champagne was being served and guests were jamming to a DJ.  It was then over to Intermix which had a few gorgeous pieces, pizza, and of course, more champagne.

It was a beautiful night in Boston, not too humid or muggy with a nice breeze in the air. In other words, perfect strolling weather. Lots of expensive cars were on display in the street and plenty of fashion-ites were walking along with us. There were a few bands scattered about as well as free give-aways and events happening here and there. The night had a good vibe and I was surprised about the amount of people who came out to celebrate fashion.

Marc Jacobs was hopping with the cutest of clown t-shirts and a carnival-like atmosphere. DVF also had a line out the door and was packed inside with people, a video booth, and refreshing cucumber cocktails.

I was surprised that many of the stores I entered were not having any promotional events for FNO, only the occasional percent off sale. I had expected many more deals or free give-aways …but maybe I’m just a sucker for swag.

Overall, it was a great fashionable night in Boston. It is evident that FNO is increasingly successful in what it originally set out to do–increase fashion interest and sales in this depressing economy. I can’t wait until next year!

Lovely YSL pumps at Saks

Great street style, shopping at Intermix

Fabulous studded pink stiletto!

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